Protect Your Crypto Exchange Account – The Top 4 Rules

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is easy and exciting with CoinJump, but we always put our users’ security as our main priority. There are several rules you need to follow to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience – read on to learn about the most fundamental rules on protecting your exchange account.

1. Use a Strong Password

Your account security begins and ends with a strong, unique password that you need to create and keep to yourself. Try to include upper- and lower-case letters, as well as numbers and symbols. Another point you need to consider is using different passwords for separate accounts – if hacker manages to break in to your account, it will be terrible if they could access other accounts, which you have used with this password.

2. Report Suspicions

Any time you suspect or spot any activity on your account, contact our Customer Support team immediately. We put great effort in safeguarding your account, but we still need your assistance in maintaining security, as in to contact us whenever you feel insecure or do not recognize activity on your account.

3. Keep Transactions Personal

All withdrawals and deposits should be performed by you and you alone. The only assistance you should accept in this regards is from your account manager, who you trust and are familiar with. By default, your exchange account should be strictly private, and you should be the sole person with access to it.

4. Do not Accept Advice over Instant Messaging

Even though instant messaging services are convenient, you should refrain from using them and accept advice on your activity at CoinJump’s exchange. You may be approached by individuals with wrongful intentions and instant messaging applications are the easiest way to contact you. Make sure you are always responsible for your actions and do not fall victim to malicious activity from third parties and strangers.


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